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The Tennessee Chapter of HFMA is recognized in the State of Tennessee as the predominant organization to meet the educational and professional development needs of healthcare financial management professionals. Our Chapter fully supports the mission and code of ethics developed by the National HFMA and develops relationships with other organizations in the State to foster strong healthcare delivery and fiscal responsibility.

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Tennessee HFMA and COVID-19: March 20, 2020 update 

Greetings once again,

I know you have been hearing from me quite a bit as of late, and thank you for your patience, kind words, and your commitment to safety and good health for you/your families, your colleagues, your neighbors and all you love and care about.  You continue to inspire me and fill my heart. 

My pledge to all chapter members is to keep you informed during these ever-changing and uncertain days, weeks, and what is to come and the impact on our HFMA Tennessee Chapter in the short-term.  To borrow what one of our chapter members, Chad Preston, stated so eloquently today, “…the updates on COVID – 19 and how we live and work from just a few weeks ago are already outdated.”  Our world is not at all in a place we could have imagined when 2020 began.

In the past few weeks, you have received communication from our chapter/website email blasts, email directly from me, and social media updates regarding many things, including our events and next steps.  We have additional updates and sharing what has transpired to date in case you may have missed, and new decisions made this week (as of March 20).

  • Kelly Miller Payor Summits – scheduled for April/2020 - CANCELLED
    • While we had intended to present the Kelly Miller Payor Summits virtually, these have been canceled due to the need for our provider teams to focus on COVID – 19 preparation and planning.  It has been an all-consuming time for our providers, and we say THANK YOU to each of them for their service during this time as they take care of patients and what is yet to come.  We could not move forward in our country without our many amazing clinicians, administrators and front-line team members in healthcare. 
    • Refunds are being processed for anyone who previously registered.  Thank you to Katie Reid and Beth Witten for your assistance with the refund process.
    • Thank you to Christine Crowley, Pam Jones, Chase Wunder and the entire Payor Summit team for your work on this program.  You worked hard to pull it together, and these uncertain times changed the game-plan.  We’ll do it again, when things settle back to a better new normal.     
  • Spring Institute in Nashville – scheduled for May/2020   - CANCELLED
    • Much like the information above for the Kelly Miller Payor Summits, feedback surrounding this event has led to its cancellation.  Additionally:
    • A few speakers have shared they cannot attend Spring Institute any longer.  COVID – 19 has impacted travel, health and work schedules for all involved. 
    • Ardent had kindly lent their space for the educational portion of the Institute (thank you Valerie Woodbury).  And while we would have loved to take advantage of this innovative approach for Spring Institute, we are needing to, as a country, respect the rules against gathering in groups, small or large.  We care about you, and this protects all involved.
    • Buffy Loveday and team had also arranged a hotel event the evening of May 11 to network, install our new officers and celebrate our chapter.  As mentioned above, respecting the rules against gathering in groups, small or large, also comes into play for this evening event.
    • We will find a way to say thanks to those who served in 2019/2020 and install the new officers virtually as they prepare to take on their roles effective June 1, 2020 – and we’ll figure out how to do it with a flair of fun!  More to come. 
    • If you paid to attend the Spring Institute event, you will be refunded. 
    • Thank you to our business partners who jumped on so quickly to help support Spring Institute via Kathryn Topper, Michael Waite, and Justin Thepthongsay’s Sponsorship committee efforts.  We are grateful to all and look forward to a time when COVID – 19 diminishes so future gatherings can be held.  If you are an Event Sponsor for our Spring Institute event, please consider rolling over your sponsorship commitment to our Fall Institute at the end of September.  Our team will be reaching out soon to verify how you wish to proceed.  Thank you for your support and consideration.
      • Thank you to the following who previously committed to an event sponsorship for the Spring Institute:
        • Ensemble
        • AccuReg
        • RSource
        • Olive AI
        • CarePayment
    • Thank you to the all-volunteer Spring Institute Committee for what you have accomplished to date, and know that your efforts and service have not gone unnoticed, our chapter and our members are so grateful to you for your dedication to make our chapter the best it can be.  Recognizing for their time & talent contribution (I listed all that are reflected on the current committee roster; please forgive me if I missed anyone):
      • Buffy Loveday
      • Valerie Woodbury
      • Tina Barsallo
      • Chad Preston
      • Jim Jamieson
      • Paul Bolin
      • Paula Carpenter
      • Lena Guinn
      • Beth Witten
      • Johnna Elmore
      • Brad Arnold
      • Kathryn Topper
      • Michael Waite
      • Clint Jones

We will continue to look at opportunities to deliver virtual training in the short-term, while keeping the needs of our provider members, nation’s status and all of our chapter members health and well-being in mind. 

Thank you for being a part of our HFMA Tennessee Chapter family.  We couldn’t be the chapter we are without you, and appreciate the caring, the kindness, the ideas and volunteerism you share with all.

Please visit our website tnhfma.org for updates and stay engaged on our social media outlets via Facebook and LinkedIn. 

Wishing you continued safety, good health and well-being.

Take good care,

Tina Minnick

HFMA Tennessee Chapter President, 2019/2020




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April 14 | Linking the Uninsured in TN to Coverage | Rob Watkins | Tennessee Justice Center 

May 12 | Clinical Documentation Improvement | Kris Knight | nThrive 

June 9 | Creating Capacity with your Revenue with Artificial Intelligence | Braden Lambros and Matt Kalina | Olive 

July 14 | Need and Challenges of Blood Banks | Jim Decker | MEDIC  


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